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The Coronation Festival - 2013

"Managing the health and safety element of the Coronation Festival was a huge task and the expertise and professional of EEP was constant. Pre-event planning, and the need for communication was critical and the team of floor managers ensured that all challenges were responded to timely and effectively."

Suzy Pallet, Media 10


"EEP have over the years provided us with a team of safety and floor managers for our events throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Their expertise and presence on the show floor has helped us progress safety awareness and effectively manage exhibitors and contractors working practices onsite, working to provide safe and successful exhibitions.  They work as part of the team and are a safe pair of hands to have around!"
Piers Kelly, Operations Director,
Reed Exhibitions Ltd.

"In this fast changing and sometimes dangerous world you need to have a company you trust to ensure the health and safety of all at your event. We trust EEP completely on all our clients events. They are professional in their approach, not to heavy handed or officious but always finding the safest and most effective way of dealing with difficult situations. We are happy and relieved that they are part of our team. Speak soon.".
Jo, Joanne Smith
2112 Events


"We have been working with The eep Safety team since 2010 and bought them on board to work with (The Farnborough Operations team) to develop and improve our safety regime for the Airshow and the site in general. They work with us, assisting with the safety plan, on-site inductions, stand auditing and liaison with the Fire teams and Local Authority. Each year we have seen an improvement in all areas of our on-site safety. Last year we needed a solution to ensure the final days of build were ‘dressing’ days only and the team at EEP came up with a service to ensure this happened, the Aisle Marshalling team. Their role was to make sure the exhibition areas were clear of rubbish, that the freight could be delivered to each stand in a timely and safe manner, carpets could be laid and the final fit out completed. I must say, even though we had our doubts at the time, this worked fantastically, not only saving us money with reduced waste costs, but ensuring our exhibitors were able to complete their stands ready for Monday morning, Open day.

They have a great team of experienced managers and are always on hand to help, advise and work with you to make sure your event is managed safely and opens on time. Once the visitors arrive they turn into public safety, queue management and incident reporting roles, liaising with the joint control room.

We are planning and working together for 2016..".

Jonathan Smith
Head of Operational Development and
Health & Safety
Farnborough International Limited (FIL)


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