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Safety Services In Brief

  • Fully qualified Safety Managers

  • Experienced Floor Managers

  • Safety Advice & Consultancy

  • Stand Plan Auditing

  • Review of Event Plans, Risk & Fire Assessments,     Emergency procedures.

  • Assistance with compiling and formulating Event
    Risk Assessment and Fire documentation.

  • CDM compliant & assistance with regulations
    and CPP.

Safety Services In Detail

Fully qualified Safety Managers

Our Safety Managers will act as the designated competent person appointed to coordinate safety on the event floor. They will ensure that all parts of the process on site are being carried out in a safe and suitable manner. All our Safety Managers are NEBOSH trained and have a wealth of diverse experience across not only the UK but worldwide.


On your behalf they will ensure that they are co-coordinating the safety between the organiser, venue, contractors and exhibitors on the event floor. They are constantly monitoring health and safety on the floor, giving advice and alternative solutions to exhibitors, stopping work if unsafe practices are taking place, communicating to the venue and structural engineers and reporting back to the organisers if they foresee any issues arising that may have a lasting impact on the show.


As part of their daily activities they will maintain an up-to-date event safety file and log book, investigate and where appropriate report accidents and incidents. They will work with the venue to ensure that arrangements are in place to deal with emergencies, such as medical, fire or security incidents and will be on hand to give Health and Safety advice to the Operations team. They will also act and carry out the same duties of a Floor Manager but very much have Health and Safety at the fore front of all conversations.
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Floor Managers

Our Floor Managers act as your eyes and ears on the floor, dealing with the exhibitors and contractors, building relationships and ensuring all parts of the build process run smoothly.

Again they have invaluable experience working worldwide with events that include temporary structures, green field sites, theatres, feature areas, shell scheme and space only structures. They all hold a minimum of the IOSH Managing Safely certificate.

Their role includes checking the mark out to ensure that the correct gangway widths are provided and that stands are correctly located when specifically asked by the organisers for this service. They will constantly ensure that the emergency gangways are kept clear of building materials and product by communicating with the event lifting company and the contractors working on the stands.

The team will review and check that the contractors are building as proposed in their submission doing this safely and efficiently adhering to their method statements and risk assessments,  as far as is reasonably practicable. They will visually check all stand construction and highlight to the Safety Manager, Structural engineer or venue when they foresee issues. Again they will report back to the operations team any challenges that they foresee as impacting either time or financially to the show.

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Safety Advice & Consultancy

Our team of qualified Safety Managers are on hand to work with you to plan for your event, to give advice and direction in all areas of safety, food hygiene, fire and risk assessments.

We are able to Review the event plan, the fire plan and risk assessments, emergency and evacuation plans. If required we can work with you to compile the plans for you to meet the needs of your event, the local authority licensing requirements and the relevant laws in place governing Safety & Health. We also follow the guidelines in: The E-Guide, The G-Guide, Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, The Event Safety Guide, The Good Practice Safety Guide, Fire Safety Risk Assessments for open air events and venues.

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Stand Plan Auditing

The aim is to fully understand what the exhibitor is going to do.  This is achieved through looking at the stand plan design (what they intend to build), Method Statement (how they will undertake the various tasks) and the Risk Assessment (safety considerations that need to be taken into account), to ensure that they will meet the requirements of the organisers’, venue and local authority. The benefit of this is twofold, for the exhibitors it forces them to think about the details of the stand and develop plans, for the organisers it allows them to better understand what is going on within the event as a whole. 

We manage this process by using our bespoke database system, which stores and records all contact details, stand details, submissions and communication year on year. The database is updated on a daily basis with documents received and all conversations whether verbal or written are stored, always providing a complete paperwork trail. A comprehensive spread sheet is then produced which gives an updated status report on each stand, so we can track progress against the set criteria and deadlines, which can then be emailed to the organiser and Venue on a regular basis.

Structural calculations are requested from any complex stands and are then forwarded to the structural engineer for approval who will then visit the show to ensure they have complied with their plans and documents. It should be made clear that whilst we review and audit, we give an exhibitor permission to build, subject to review on site, we are not responsible for what and how they build.
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We are fully conversant with the requirements for compliance with the Construction (Design Management) Regulations 2015, which became law in April 2015.
As your safety team we are able to work with you to ensure you have all your paperwork in place, that your Construction Phase Plan (CPP) is prepared and you are ready pre-event for the successful build, open and de-rig of your event.

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